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Friday, October 13, 2017

Senyuji Temple Shukubo


Shukubo, lodgings within a Buddhist temple, are a wonderful way to not only get some decent-priced accommodation, but also to gain some insights and experiences not available at regular hotels.

Senyuji Temple Shukubo Ehime

For many visitors to Japan a visit to Koyasan, the massive monastic complex on a mountain in Wakayama, will involve a stay in a shukubo, but they exist all over Japan, and Kyoto has quite a few shukubo. On Shikoku, because of the large number of people doing the famous 88 temple pilgrimage known as Ohenro, there are more than a dozen shukubo.

Senyuji Temple Shukubo Ehime Prefecture Shikoku

I recently stayed at the one at Senyuji Temple (仙遊寺), the 58th temple of the pilgrimage located on a mountaintop near Imabari in Ehime Prefecture.

The Shukubo is in a very new, modern building situated right next to the main hall. The rooms range in size from singles to family/group rooms and are all Japanese style with futons, not beds.

Senyuji Temple Shukubo Ehime Prefecture Shikoku.

The bathrooms and toilets are shared. The price is very reasonable, only 6,000 yen including breakfast and evening meal. The food is shojin ryori, Buddhist cuisine, so vegetarians and vegans will have no problem.

They say much of the food is grown in the temple's own gardens. Alcohol is served for those that wish. Located at more than 250 meters above sea level there are stupendous views down on the surrounding countryside and across the Inland Sea. Imabari and the bridges connecting the Shimanami Kaido really show up at night.

Senyuji Temple Shukubo Ehime Prefecture Shikoku.

Before breakfast there is a short service in the main hall, but it is not mandatory. The nearest public transport still involves a one hour walk to the temple, so you need your own transportation.

Senyuji Temple Shukubo
483 Bessho-ko, Tamagawa-cho
Ehime 794-0113
Tel: 0898 55 2141

* If you wish us to reserve accommodation for you at this shukubo or other lodgings in Japan for a small fee, please contact us.

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