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Monday, October 09, 2017

Idutsu-yu Public Bath Kyoto


Idutsu-yu is a traditional Kyoto public bath (sento) south west of the Imperial Palace (Gosho).

Idutsu-yu Public Bath Kyoto.

Idutsu-yu has nice tile work of a church in the European Alps which marks it out among other sento in Kyoto. Another nice touch is the original Showa Period advertising on the washing space mirrors, which date back to when the public bath opened back in 1950.

Idutsu-yu Public Bath Kyoto.

Idutsu-yu is one of many fine public baths in Kyoto which include Sakura-yu, Higashiyama-yu at the Hyakumanben intersection near Kyoto University, Funaoka Onsen and Daikoku-yu in Shugakuin. There is another well-known Daikoku-yu in the Gion district.

Idutsu-yu Public Bath Kyoto.

Idutsu-yu Public Bath Kyoto.

Shimachi Takeyacho-kudaru
Benzaiten-cho 288
Kyoto 604-0093,
Tel: 075 231 6273; 3pm-12am; closed Thursday

Idutsu-yu is a short walk west from Marutamachi Station on the Karasuma Line of the Kyoto subway.

Idutsu-yu Public Bath Kyoto.

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