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Sunday, April 02, 2017

Japan News This Week 2 April 2017


Japan News.
Japan Avalanche Kills 7 Teenage Mountaineers and a Teacher
New York Times

Japan turns to Basil Fawlty in race for Olympic English

Victory for Japanese nuclear industry as high court quashes injunction

It’s not ‘broken’ but ‘being fixed’: semantic games in Japanese when stuff fails
Japan Times

The Story of the Nation: “Japan Is Great”
Japan Focus

Last Week's Japan News on the JapanVisitor blog


Per capita 2016 GDP of various Asian countries (world rank).

1. Singapore $82,762 (3)
2. Hong Kong $54,722 (10)
3. Taiwan $45,854 (20)
4. Japan $37,390 (29)
5. South Korea $35,277 (31)
6. Malaysia $24,654 (51)
7. Thailand $16,835 (77)
8. China $15,424 (81)
9. Cambodia $3,736 (144)

Source: Wikipedia

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