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Sunday, March 05, 2017

Japan News This Week 5 March 2017


Japan News.
Bigotry and Fraud Scandal at Kindergarten Linked to Japan’s First Lady
New York Times

Japan police offer martial arts classes for tourists

Premium Fridays: Japan gives its workers a break – to go shopping

Abe moves to distance himself from Osaka school after praising principal’s ideology
Japan Times

Environmental Contamination at USMC bases on Okinawa
Japan Focus

Editorial: Ex-Tokyo Governor Ishihara short on answers over Tsukiji market move
The Mainichi

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In 2016, there were 15,215 arrests (10,689 individuals) of foreigners in Japan. By nationality, it breaks down as follows.

Chinese: 5,509 arrests (36.2% of total)
Vietnamese: 2,488 (16.4%)
Brazilians: 1,619 (10.6%)
South Koreans: 983 (6.5%)
Filipinos: 958 (6.3%)
Colombians: 378 (2.5%)
Thais: 299 (2%)
Peruvians: 291 (1.9%)
Americans: 234 (1.9%)

Source: National Police Agency

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