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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Luminous Forest & River


The season of illuminations is in full swing in Japan, but if you, like me, find most of them interesting but a little twee then I suggest you check out what Tokushima city over on Shikoku has on offer.

Luminous Forest & River, Tokushima.

The Tokushima LED Art Festival 2016 features dozens of artworks made using LEDs at numerous sites all over the downtown area. A few do look like the more traditional illuminations, but the vast majority don't, and many of them include sound and some form of interaction as well.

The biggest pieces are produced by the international art collective teamLab and go under the name of Luminous Forest & River, and the biggest piece is located on the river itself about halfway between the main railway station and the Mount Bizan Ropeway Station.

Luminous Forest & River, Shikoku.

Consisting of more than 100 giant spheres floating on the water and speakers lined up along either bank, to a gentle soundtrack the colors of the spheres are constantly changing. Further along the banks are many more installations including a small one in a nearby arcade that has smaller white spheres suspended from the roof that when touched light up and emit a sound, very popular with kids.

Luminous Forest & River, Tokushima, Shikoku.

The grounds of Tokushima Castle also has a major installation. It would take a full evening or two to be able to visit all the art and there are numerous concerts taking place as well.

Some information in English can be found here http://tokushima2016.team-lab.net/en/
and much more in Japanese here:

The festival runs until the 25th December so if you are nearby it is well worth a visit.

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