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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Two Americans Pokemon Go and Japan


Can you stand reading one more article about Pokemon Go? Please humor me and say yes. I promise, this will be short.

I have an iPhone, but my daughter does not, so she uses my phone to play Pokemon Go. I get the benefits of sharing in the fun and, once in a while, catching a Pokemon all by myself. So we were looking forward to playing in Japan, and for a reason special to Amanda: catching her favorite Pokemon since forever - Farfetch'd, who currently resides only in Asia.

Farfetch'd, Pokemon Go.

If you have not played in Japan, here is something I want you to know: wild Pidgies apparently circumnavigate the globe. They are everywhere, more than even Rattatas. So, except for Farfetch’d, you are definitely not missing out. All the other Pokemon populate the highways and byways, cities, towns, fields, mountains, and bodies of water in Japan. (And maybe you can hatch an egg with a Farfetch’d inside at home, as that is a possibility). But it is kind of fun to get Pokemon labeled as caught in Joetsu, or Nagano, or Niigata, and so forth.

Farfetch'd caught!

For days we looked for Farfetch'd, and at one time we observed his mysterious silhouette in a Pokemon sighting while we waited at the train station in Naoetsu. Amanda walked back and forth along the dark platform, but, alas, to no avail. Finally, having but one day left in Japan and resigned to the idea that it just wasn’t going to happen, we looked at the screen and there it was: Farfetch'd and his traveling leek stalk. Amanda pulled out all the stops: berry, then Ultra Ball… "Gotcha!"

And guess what else? Amanda got to be Gym Leader at Kasugayama Castle - for at least five minutes!

Gym Leader at Kasugayama Castle.

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