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Saturday, December 03, 2016

Frenz FrenZY Rainbow Haven Gay Bar in Osaka for Friends and Fun

フレンズ ゲイバー 大阪

If you want your drinks cheap and strong, want a bar space more crowded than a Japanese rush hour train, but with a booming sound system and light show, then Frenz (full name: ”FrenZ FrenZY Rainbow Haven”) is your place. If you are looking for a space to quietly get acquainted with some new folks, well, Frenz is not going to be your place.

Frenz (Frenz FrenZY Rainbow Haven) a gay bar in Osaka, Japan.
Rainbow door to Frenz gay bar, Osaka
You’re still reading, so we’re on the same page. Beers for 500 yen, and mixed drinks with an ingratiating number of shots – three? four? more? – are at the ready, and there’s no cover charge either. This could be a recipe for disaster, or it could be a recipe for lots of new friendships. It is a gay bar, after all, so it could also easily be a recipe for something a bit more than nascent friendship. Not that you have to be gay or lesbian to get in; Frenz has an open door policy when it comes to who they welcome.
Frenz gay bar, Osaka - the red-lit bar.
A red light district - the bar at Frenz, Osaka, Japan.

The crowd at friends is almost certainly the highest concentration of foreigners you will even see in a single Osaka locale. What local Japanese you may see almost certainly speak English, so if you are a bit shy with your Japanese, this is a great place to stop by. The owner is also a foreigner, and quite notorious amongst gay circles in Osaka. He is there most nights, and will welcome you with a hearty smile. They don’t call it “Frenz” for nothing.

The disco ball spins all night long at Frenz gay bar in Osaka.
Disco ball at Frenz

Friendly foreigners and stiff drinks not enough? In addition to bar seating, there are comfy couches to lounge about on, and a veritable light show that extends from the front door all the way to the restroom. Slower nights allow for karaoke, but if you go on a weekend, expect Frenz to be convivial to the max.

Put it all together, and you have a great place for a cheap drink in a boisterous atmosphere. It’s probably going to be the least Japanese feeling of any gay bar you will go to in Osaka, but that won’t take away the fun. So grab one of those 500 yen beers and drink it all in!

Frenz gay bar, Osaka, Japan - at the bar.
Blue Boy - the owner of Frenz at the bar.

Kamiyama-cho 18-14, Kita-ku, Osaka  (first floor)


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