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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Super Hotels in Japan


Today I want to talk about the Super Hotel chain, in Niigata City and in general. My daughter and I recently spent two nights in the Super Hotel conveniently located near the Niigata City Station.

Super Hotel, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture.

We chose a non-smoking room equipped with two beds, one of them a loft bed, which my daughter is fond of sleeping in. Having this set up does give a traveler a bit more room. With the free daily breakfast, we were happy in our accommodations. Plus, ladies - the hair dryer actually dries your hair! Super Hotel in Niigata City is great!

The hair dryer actually dries your hair.

This being said, however, all Super Hotels are not equal. A traveler needs to weigh the pros and cons of Super Hotel's lower price and the accessibility of the hotel.

Super Hotel in HakataFukuoka City holds the distinction of being the first hotel of the chain. But two people (us) were provided with a single-person bed. The room was so tiny I laughed when I set eyes on it.

Super Hotels in Japan.

Another iffy choice is Super Hotel in Kitakyushu. Far from the train station, the trek involves a walk along dark, dark streets (kind of scary) in which your way is lit only by a lone 7-11 convenience store off in the distance.

In Osaka, there are at least five Super Hotels and I strongly suggest you say no to all of them. Because they are not close to any train station, you must pull your luggage a long ways over rutted sidewalks and navigate between hordes of people. If it is a hot day like the one we experienced, your walk will be notably tiring.

Super Hotels in Japan.

My daughter and I, as budget-minded travelers, have stayed in many Super Hotels, and we have enjoyed nights in Otsu, Takamatsu Tamachi, and most recently in Niigata City. Of course, we will continue to patronize the Super Hotel chain, but not without a little discrimination.

Super Hotel Kokura-eki Minami-guchi

Super Hotel Osaka Tennoji

Super Hotel Osaka Natural Hot Springs

Super Hotel Asakusa Tokyo

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