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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hosenji Temple Seto


Hosenji Temple is located in the east of Seto City in the quiet Kamagaki district of the city close to Kamagaki-no-komichi, the Kamagaki-no-komichi Museum and the Seto Hongyo Kiln.

Hosenji Temple Seto, Aichi.

Hosenji was founded around 750 years ago in 1252. It became a Zen-sect temple in 1648.

Most impressive are the Sanmon or entrance gate and the paintings on the ceiling of the main hall done by pottery craftspeople. The main hall also holds an image of the thousand-armed Kannon.

The large and ancient bell in the temple was taken as part of the war effort in the 1940's and was replaced thanks to donations by parishoners after the war.

Hosenji Temple, Seto, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

In early November, the temple hosts the Amenbo Festival dedicated to the Buddha of Healing.

Hosenji Temple
30 Teramotocho
Seto, Aichi Prefecture 489-0838
Tel: 0561 82 2316

Hours: 9am-5pm; Free admission.

Hosenji Temple, Seto city, Aichi Prefecture.

Seto city is best accessed on the Meitetsu Seto Line from Sakae-machi Station next to Oasis 21 in central Nagoya or from Ozone Station, also on the Meijo Line of the Nagoya subway. By express train the journey time is 31 minutes or 38 minutes by local from Sakae-machi Station.

Other places of interest in Seto city include Seto-gura Museum and the Seto Ceramics and Glass Art Center.

Hosenji Temple, Seto city, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

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