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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Japanese Bingo Game

I have always liked to make up games, and thus it seemed natural to continue that sort of thing in Japan, where there can be a lot of waiting time.

On my recent trip I began to notice images of the Japanese celebrities I see every time I travel to Japan. As I have mentioned before, I feel as if I am seeing a familiar face welcoming me back to Japan. This time I thought, “This could be a game!”

A Japanese Celebrity Bingo Game.

I have made two bingo cards, one for yourself and one for a traveling companion. Mark off the celebrity as you see them, either in a magazine, a billboard, on television, or in advertising. You must have a confirmation of your sighting, meaning your companion has to see it too.

Now you need to decide: Is each completed square worth, say, a 100 yen coin? Then does the winner get to have the other player’s coins as a prize? Or do you set up other stakes? Are the squares worth food or drink? Is the prize a meal? Make up your own rules.

Try it, please. And have fun!

A Japanese Bingo Game.

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