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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Japan News This Week 2 October 2016


Japan News.
Breaking Japan’s Glass Ceiling, but Leaving Some Feminists Unconvinced
New York Times

Why the story of body-swapping teenagers has gripped Japan

Japanese experts cast doubt on poll linking sexless singles to low birth rate

Japanese ad showing girl being fattened up, turned into eel and cooked is pulled

Kishida says Japan will not take extra steps on ‘comfort women’ issue
Japan Times

Specters of East Asia: Okinawa, Taiwan, and Korea
Japan Focus

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According to a 2016 joint China-Japan survey of attitudes of citizens of the two countries, 91% of Japanese reported having an "unfavorable attitude towards China." The main reason for this is the territorial dispute over the Senkaku Islands, and repeated Chinese incursions into what Japan considers its territory.

Similarly, 76% of Chinese poll respondents have a negative view of Japan. The main reason is a perceived lack of remorse over World War II. This result, however, marks the third year in a row of improvement - i.e., negative feelings toward Japan used to be even higher - which the pollsters attribute to the increased numbers of Chinese who have visited Japan in recent years.

The poll is conducted annually by Genron NPO.

Source: Asahi Shinbun

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