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Friday, September 02, 2016

Kyocera Museum of Art Court Culture in Early-Modern Kyoto

The Kyocera Museum of Art, in the Kyocera headquarters building in Kyoto, will be holding a special exhibition featuring "Court Culture in Early-Modern Kyoto: Scenes of Court Enthronement Culture" from September 10 (Saturday) through November 13 (Sunday).

The exhibition will be separately held at nearby Jonangu Shrine from September 10 (Saturday) through October 23 (Sunday).

Pictures of the Daijosai.
Pictures of the Daijosai

Since the Heian capital (present-day Kyoto) was established in 794, the imperial court has cultivated a graceful tradition as a cultural hub. The essence of the court culture culminates in the enthronement of the Emperor and the Daijo-sai (Great Food Offering Festival). The series of these rituals is known as Tairei or Taiten (state ceremony).

Tofukumon-in statue.
Tofukumon-in statue
At the Exhibition, some 60 articles will be on display, including pieces from the Ohara Family Collection related to state rituals since the early-modern period, precious items held by private collectors, and articles pertaining to Tofukumon-in (Tokugawa Masako) who was the daughter of Tokugawa Hidetada and who as a consort of Emperor Gomizunoo, served as a bridge linking the imperial court and the Tokugawa government and helped maintain the high standards of the court culture.

Miniature setting for the enthronement ceremony.
Miniature setting for the enthronement ceremony
A public exhibition of this scale and quality was last held 40 years ago in 1976 at the Kyoto Bunkaten Exhibition. Through the exhibition, visitors will be able to understand and appreciate the supreme beauty and elegance of the court culture that has been passed on to our times.

Panorama view of the Kyoto Imperial Palace and the Enthronement Ceremony.
Panorama view of the Kyoto Imperial Palace and the Enthronement Ceremony
On display at the Kyocera Museum of Art will be the precious items of the state ceremony from the Ohara Family Collection and articles pertaining to Emperor consort Tofukumon-in. At the Jonangu Saikan building, visitors will be able to look at a miniature model of the setting for the state ceremony as well as the ceremonial costumes and ritual articles. Through the combination of both exhibitions, visitors will be drawn into the solemnity of the state ceremony, which is performed only when a new Emperor is enthroned.


The Kyocera Museum of Art
(Kyocera Corporation Global Head Office, 1st floor)
6 Takeda Tobadono-cho
Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Japan 612-8501

Jonangu Saikan
7 Nakajima Tobarikyu-cho
Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Japan 612-8459

Kyocera Museum of Art
10am to 5pm (last admission at 4.30pm)

Jonangu Saikan
9am to 4.30pm (last admission at 4pm)


Free at both venues

Further information: global.kyocera.com/news/2016/0808_uzim.html

Ceremonial dress for civil official.
Ceremonial dress for civil official

Ceremonial dress for government official.
Ceremonial dress for government official

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