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Monday, August 08, 2016

Nara Visitor Center & Inn

The Nara Visitor Center & Inn, run by the Nara Prefectural government, is close to Sarusawa Pond and Kofukuji Temple and a major resource for foreign tourists visiting this historic city in central Japan.

Nara Visitor Center & Inn, Nara, Japan.

If you need cash, the Nara Visitor Center & Inn has an ATM that accepts foreign issued credit cards. If you are interested in finding out more about Japanese culture, the Nara Visitor Center & Inn has regular daily workshops, either free or requiring a small 500 yen charge.

Try Japanese tea ceremony, ikebana (flower arranging), origami, playing the koto, trying on a kimono or writing calligraphy. The Nara Visitor Center & Inn is also the starting point for free walking tours of Nara lead by enthusiastic volunteers.

Nara Visitor Center & Inn.

During the main spring and summer tourist season there are free excursion Nara Experience Tour buses from the center to either Asuka or Yoshino for foreign visitors.

Tourists can leave luggage here in the left luggage room and also get online in the lounge where there are also PCs and iPads available. You can also charge your phone here too for free.

In addition, the Nara Visitor Center & Inn has a large selection of tourist information leaflets and maps in a variety of languages including English, Chinese and Korean.

The Inn part of the Nara Visitor Center is due to open this fall.

Nara Visitor Center & Inn, Nara, Japan.

Nara Visitor Center & Inn (Official site)
3 Ikenocho Nara-shi, Nara 630-8361
Tel: 0742 81 7461
Hours: 8am-9pm
Nara Visitor Center & Inn Facebook Page

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