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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Japan News This Week 28 August 2016


Japan News.
Driver in Japan Playing Pokémon Go Kills Pedestrian
New York Times

Who said Japan's politicians were boring?

Japanese City Takes Community Approach To Dealing With Dementia

From Rio 2016 to Tokyo 2020: Olympic drama moves on

Apology culture in Japan: Takahata’s mother says sorry for adult son’s alleged sexual assault
Japan Times

Hitler's dismantling of the constitution and the current path of Japan's Abe administration: What lessons can we draw from history?
Japan Focus

Last Week's Japan News on the JapanVisitor blog


Beer production worldwide experienced its second year in a row of decline. Economists believe a slowdown in the economy is the cause. Below are the results of the top 8 beer producing countries from 2015.

1. China, 4299 (production amount, in ten thousand kiloliters), -4.3% (compared to previous year)
2. USA, 2228, -1.4%
3. Brazil, 1385, -2.0%
4. Germany, 956. +0.4%
5. Mexico, 745, -4.5%
6. Russia, 730, -4.7%
7. Japan, 546, -0.1%
8. Vietnam, 467, +20.1%

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