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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hotei Osaka Gay Bar for Older Set

ほてい 大阪

Hotei gay bar for the older set, in Shin-Sekai, Osaka, Japan.
The bar at gay Hotei, Shin-Sekai, Oaaka

Do you feel annoyed, envious, or just generally bitter when you go into a gay bar and everyone is so painfully young to your “mature” eyes? Is the music too loud, the scene too, well, scene-y? Or perhaps you just wish to see what another, future facet of your gay life might look like? If so, there is a bar in the Shin-Sekai area of southern Osaka city just for you. It’s called Hotei, which means “pot belly,” a few of which you may see in this venerable establishment.

The door of Hotei, Shin-Sekai gay bar, Osaka.
Entrance to Hotei, Shin-Sekai, Oaaka

Hotei is a narrow venue, with a long bar extending deep back from the entrance and a couple of tables in the very rear. The action is at the bar, unless your idea of “action” is jostling for drinks against sweaty, hard bodied young’uns. In that case, there is no action. What you will find is a lot of jovial middle-aged guys chatting each other up from their comfy bar stools.

Inside Hotei, a gay bar in Osaka for guys in their 40s and up.
Serving the older gay customer - Hotei, in Osaka, Japan.

Karaoke is very much in effect, and the staff is fun and friendly. Fridays and Saturdays are busiest, with peak bustle hitting its stride at about 7:30pm. This is not an all-nighter kind of gay party crowd for the most part.

Drinks in gay bar Hotei, a Shin-Sekai, Osaka, bar for the older set.
The friendly bar tender at Hotei, a gay bar for older men in Osaka.

If you don’t speak any Japanese, you are still welcome here, but your smile and sign language may have to rise to the occasion. However, regardless of your language abilities, you will be welcomed like a long lost relative. Hotei is completely without pretense, which is not something that can be said for some of those “cool” gay bars up in Doyama.

Karaoke in Hotei, a gay bar for older guys in the south of Osaka City, Japan.
The laid back atmosphere of gay bar Hotei, Osaka.

Sidling up to the bar at Hotei will run you 1,300 yen, and that will cover your first drink and some nibbles. Beyond that, additional drinks start at around 700 yen.

Table and seats at Hotei, gay bar for the older set in Osaka, Japan.
Seats and table to relax at in Hotei.

Hotei is located at 3-1-6 Ebisu-higashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka. Take Exit 5 of Dobutsuen-mae Station.

The drinks shelf at Hotei, a gay bar for older guys in Shin-Sekai, Osaka, Japan.
The spirits shelf at Hotei, gay bar in Osaka.

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