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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Uramado Exhibition

An exhibition by Julie Stephen Chheng and Thomas Pons.

Uramado Exhibition.

Uramado explores Augmented Reality in paper creations, by the way of a journey proposed to the audience. Through the screen of their smartphones, viewers can project themselves in fantasy or dreamy worlds ... which will suddenly come to life.

Uramado Exhibition, Tokyo.

The exhibition is two projects in augmented reality started during the artists' residency at Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto:

Animated Chronicles is an animated diary about day to day life in Japan.

Uramado is a series of augmented pop-ups with virtual contents inspired by Japanese windows. At night, these pop-ups become little lanterns and reveals other animations in augmented reality.

Uramado Exhibition.

* Thomas Pons is an animation director and Julie Stephen Chheng a designer. They are both graduates from Les Arts Décoratifs de Paris.

From 2016/05/26 to 2016/06/29 at the French Institute of Tokyo
15 Ichigaya Funagawara-machi, Shinjuku, Tokyo 162-0826

Uramado Exhibition.

Uramado Exhibition, Tokyo.

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