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Monday, June 06, 2016

Fast Food Fails in Japan


When my daughter and I visit Japan one of our favorite activities is eating. Japan has incredible, amazing food and we have tried just about everything. (Curry rice is a favorite of mine.) But once in a while, we'll grab a bit of fast food; hence, this blog post.

Fast Food Fails in Japan.

Location: Got sick from McDonald's fare at Nagoya Station.
Reason: Unknown
Result: Will never eat at McDonald's again.
Comment: "No big loss."

Location: Mister Donut in Gifu City - near the golden statue of Oda Nobunaga at JR Gifu Station.
Reason: Reckless overindulgence.
Result: Continue to patronize Mister Donut.
Comment: "Hey, they're donuts, man."

Mister Donut, Japan.

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1 comment:

  1. I was once served a hamburger with raw patties (just the surface lightly browned, inside completely pink, bloody and icky) at the Nakano-Sakaue McDonald's - my last time to ever eat at McDonald's!


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