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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Asuka Nimasu Shrine


Asuka Nimasu Shrine is a little-known shrine in Asuka, Nara Prefecture, close to Asukadera.

Asuka Nimasu Shrine, Nara Prefecture, Japan.

Asuka Nimasu Shrine is worth visiting to see its bizarre collection of phallic and yonic fertility stones donated by farmers in the area. The ubu-ishi stones are considered charms for safe child birth and marital felicity.

The Onda Matsuri fertility festival takes place here on the second Sunday in February and is the major festival of the shrine.

Asuka Nimasu Shrine, Asuka, Nara Prefecture.

The whole Asuka plain is littered with strange, unexplained stones, some of large size, which have been given names to try and describe them. On a visit to Asuka look out for various "Monkey" and "Turtle" stones.

Nimasu Shrine
707-1, Hicho, Takaichi-gun
Nara Prefecture, 634-0103

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