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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Japan News This Week 7 February 2016


Japan News.
In Industry Shift, Sharp Looks Outside Japan for a Buyer
New York Times

Sakurajima volcano erupts in southern Japan

Japan to spend millions on tiny islands 1,000 miles south of Tokyo

Osaka’s move on hate speech should be just the first step
Japan Times

What Lessons Can Vietnam teach Okinawa about U.S. Military Dioxin?
Japan Focus

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2015 Corruption Perception Index:

1 Denmark
2 Finland
3 Sweden
4 New Zealand
5 Netherlands
5 Norway
7 Switzerland
8 Singapore
9 Canada
10 Germany
10 Luxembourg
10 United Kingdom
13 Australia
13 Iceland
15 Belgium
16 Austria
16 United States
18 Hong Kong
18 Ireland
18 Japan

Source: Transparency International

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