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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Japan News This Week 14 February 2016


Japan News.
Seoul’s Colonial Boomerang
New York Times

Japan 'paternity leave' MP quits amid affair scandal

Japan Is Selling Bonds Guaranteed To Lose You Money

Downfall of Japanese TV’s girl next door highlights wider industry sexism

Japan’s environment minister withdraws radiation remarks
Japan Times

Rethinking Japan's Deflation Trap: On the Failure to Reach Kuroda Haruhiko's 2% Inflation Target -
Japan Focus

Last Week's Japan News on the JapanVisitor blog


"How happy is your country? A new report used interviews with more than 146,000 people around the world to rank 145 countries by the well being of their residents.

Participants answered questions about five aspects of their well-being: their sense of purpose, social relationships, financial situations, community involvement and physical health. Based on their responses, participants were considered "thriving," "struggling" or "suffering" in each of those five aspects."

We want to know: why are people in Latin America and non-Anglophone northern Europe so damn happy - and Asians much less so?

Here is the list:

1 Panama
2 Costa Rica
3 Puerto Rico
4 Switzerland
5 Belize
6 Chile
7 Denmark
8 Guatemala
9 Austria
10 Mexico
11 Uruguay
12 Argentina
13 Colombia
14 Kyrgyzstan
15 Brazil
16 Norway
17 Netherlands
18 El Salvador
19 Turkmenistan
20 Myanmar

23 USA

92 Japan

117 South Korea

127 China

Source: Live Science

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