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Sunday, December 06, 2015

Japan News This Week 6 December 2015


Japan News.
Shigeru Mizuki, Influential Japanese Cartoonist, Dies at 93
New York Times

Japan's whale hunting decision 'seems to be against logic'

Japanese football authorities to take no action over racist tweet

Onaga indignant over ‘politically motivated’ early return of small land strips in Okinawa
Japan Times

A New Look at Japan's Unit 731 Wartime Atrocities and a U.S. Cover-Up
Japan Focus

Last Week's Japan News on the JapanVisitor blog


About 400,000 hectares (988,421 acres) of farmland throughout Japan have been abandoned over the years. That is roughly 10% of the the nation's 4.5 million hectares of farmland.

As a means of combating this, the fixed asset tax rate on abandoned land is going to be doubled. Because the current rate is so low, farmers - or relatives of - often have no incentive to sell.

Source: Yomiuri Shinbun

Gun murders per 100,000 residents:

USA: 3.7
Italy: 0.68
Luxembourg: 0.59
Finland: 0.57
Canada: 0.50
Sweden: 0.41
Austria: 0.36
Netherlands: 0.36
Germany: 0.23
Spain: 0.19
Australia: 0.13
United Kingdom: 0.07
France: 0.05
Norway: 0.04
Japan: 0.01
Iceland: 0.0

Source: Snopes.com

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