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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Maguro Koya Nara


Maguro Koya, serving delicious maguro tuna done in a variety of ways, has become something of a big hit among foreign visitors to Nara.

Maguro Koya Nara.

Located in a small street directly north of Kintetsu Nara Station, Maguro Koya concentrates on one item - maguro - but does it so well that the small restaurant receives reservations from hotels all over Nara reserving a seat for their foreign guests. I have met people from Shanghai, Tel Aviv and New York at the counter - and it will be the counter where you will be politely asked to sit if you come alone. The tables are for groups of two or more people.

Maguro Koya has become such a must-go-to place that the menu is now written in English, Chinese and Korean as well as Japanese.

Maguro Koya, Nara.
Maguro done in soy sauce; Photo by paxdomini
There are a number of extremely good value teishoku (set meals) to choose from which include rice, pickles (tsukemono), miso soup and maguro done how you want it - fried like karage, boiled in soy sauce, on skewers like yakitori or raw.

Maguro Koya is presided over by the cheerful, friendly master-san with occasional help from his wife. Maguro Koya has been going since 1977, which was also probably the last time it was cleaned, but when asked the guests like it that way.

To get to the restaurant walk north up the continuation of the Higashimuki arcade, then past Sakura Burger (another popular Nara eatery), Hotel Ashibi, Nara Hakushikaso Ryokan and Maguro Koya is on your left.

Maguro Koya
6 Hanashiba-cho
Nara 630-8266
Tel: 0742 23 3766
Hours: 11am-9pm

Maguro Koya Nara.

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