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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Kiso Mikawaya Hotel


One very kind reader sent us this recommendation for accommodation in Kiso Fukushima on the historic Nakasendo hiking route in Nagano Prefecture. It's the Kiso Mikawaya Hotel situated beside the Kiso River.

Kiso Mikawaya Hotel, Kiso Fukushima, Nagano.

Here's how Alvin describes finding somewhere to stay: The time I went to the Nakasendo (中山道) last spring, I had all accommodation booked in Tsumago and Narai months ahead.

Kiso-Fukushima was a bit problematic as I couldn't find any contact info for ryokan on the internet. I just walked into the quiet, sleepy and peaceful town and it felt like I was the only tourist in that town for the whole two days I was there.

Kiso Mikawaya Hotel, Kiso Fukushima, Nagano.

The residents were few as well, I met and chatted with some of them. I walked around for a few hours looking for a place to stay until I ran into a sweet old lady who owns one of the more expensive ryokan and she gladly referred me to the cheaper hotel near her place. I spent around 5000-6000 yen for a room and it was great!

Even with language barrier, the service I got was excellent. For Tsumago, I had booked from an international website based in Japan. In Narai, it was a bit harder. I had a Japanese friend book me a room by email for an ojisan (伯父さん) as that one particular minshuku (Ikariya Machida) had no affiliation with any website and they can't speak English.

Kiso Mikawaya Hotel, Kiso Fukushima, Nagano.

I fell in love with the peace, harmony, culture and people in Chubu and Nagano, from the small quiet rural and traditional towns to the relatively quiet city of Matsumoto.

So if you need somewhere to stay in Kiso-Fukushima please consider the now recommended Kiso Mikawaya Hotel, which has both western and Japanese style rooms, and can provide rooms with no meals, breakfast or both breakfast and dinner.

Kiso Mikawaya Hotel (in Japanese)
397-0001 Nagano Prefecture
Kiso-gun Kiso-machi Otemachi
Fukushima 5782
Tel: 0264 24 3332

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