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Friday, September 11, 2015

September Weather in Japan


A Tokyo street during Tropical Storm Etau.

Tropical Storm Etau, known in Japan as "Typhoon No. 18" has just struck Northern Honshu, in particular the prefectures of Ibaragi and Tochigi.  Even in Tokyo, the three days ending on Thursday (yesterday) were a constant deluge of torrential rain.

A look at the weather statistics for Japan reveals a definite tendency for September to be the month with the most typhoons in Japan, particularly over the past five years.

In terms of parts of Japan most likely to be struck by a typhoon, the following list shows the ten most at-risk areas:
1. Kagoshima
2. Kochi
3. Wakayama
4. Shizuoka
5. Nagasaki
6. Miyazaki
7. Aichi
8. Chiba
9. Kumamoto

Apart from Chiba, most of these prefectures are towards the western part of Japan, so east Japan having just been hit as hard as it was is unusual.

Looking at September's weather in Japan over the past few years, the average temperature for the month is about 24 degrees Celsius (75 F) - although, being an average, this will be higher in southern Japan and lower in northern Japan.

Early September in Japan has temperatures of about 20-25 degrees (68-77 F), with daily highs of around 30 degrees (86 F), and about an equal chance of it being sunny or of it being cloudy/rainy.

Mid-September tends to be a little cooler, around 18-22 degrees (64-72 F) with a daily high of around 25 degrees (77 F) (although still prone to rise up to around 30 [86 F] on some days), and a slightly higher chance of rain or cloud.

Late September in Japan has average temperatures of around 15-20 degrees (59-68 F)  rising to a high of about 25 (77 F) during the day.

However, weather being unpredictable and localized, the above statistics should not be taken too seriously, unless, perhaps, you are intending visiting one of the most typhoon-prone prefectures. Apart from that, the chances of a visit to Japan in September being actually spoiled by bad weather are, overall, hardly any greater than for any other time of the year. But pack a raincoat, just in case!

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