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Friday, September 25, 2015

Kira Yoshida Station


Kira Yoshida Station is a Meitetsu railway station located in Nishio, east of Nagoya in central Japan.

Kira Yoshida Station, Meitetsu Railways.

Kira Yoshida Station is the terminus of the Gamagori Line from the onsen town of Gamagori further to the east along the coast. Kira Yoshida is also the terminus for the Meitetsu Nishio Line to Shin Anjo.

Kira Yoshida Station, Aichi Prefecture.

From Kira Yoshida Station there are Friend (ふれんど) buses to Taihobashi (大宝橋) from where it is a 2km walk to the ferry port for express boats to Sakushima Island. The Friend bus continues on to Hekinan. The bus came in to service in 2004 to replace the previous hourly railway connection to Hekinan.

The station opened in 1928 as Mikawa Yoshida Station.

Kira Yoshida Station, Aichi.

The first train on weekdays and weekends to Shin Anjo is a local at 5.41am with the last train a local at 10.48pm. To Gamagori Station the first train on weekdays and weekends is at 5.42am with the last train at 10.48pm. All trains on the Gamagori Line are locals stopping at all stations along the way.

Kira Yoshida Station
Tel: 0563 32 0034

Kira Yoshida Station, Aichi Prefecture.

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