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Monday, August 03, 2015

Neputa Festival 2015


Hirosaki began its annual Neputa Festival on August 1 just a day before the start of the more famous but similar Nebuta Festival in nearby Aomori city.

Hirosaki Neputa drum

Hirosaki's Neputa Festival was designated an important intangible folk-cultural property in 1980. The festival features a nightly procession of around sixty illuminated lantern floats featuring legendary stories depicted in the design of the fan-shaped floats, accompanied by traditional drum and flute music and dancing.

There are two courses for the floats: the Dotemachi and Ekimae Course. Dotemachi is a 15-20 minute walk from Hirosaki Station while the Ekimae Course is right at Hirosaki Station.

Hirosaki Neputa, Aomori

Neputa float, Hirosaki

The Neputa matsuri in Hirosaki runs from August 1-7 annually.

For information on the Neputa Festival in English see www.en-hirosaki.com

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