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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Japan News This Week 5 July 2015


Japan News.
Shinzo Abe Faces Growing Wrath of Okinawans Over U.S. Base
New York Times

Japan 2-1 England

Two people dead in Japan bullet train fire after man set himself alight

Could Hamp’s detention reinforce prejudice?
Japan Times

Hanaoka Monogatari: The Massacre of Chinese Forced Laborers, Summer 1945 花岡ものがたり 1945年夏、中国人強制労働者虐殺
Japan Focus

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Family Satisfaction

Top Five:

1. Iceland (95.1%)
2. Switzerland (92.6%)
3. Mexico (91.1%)
4. Great Britain (90.9%)
5. Poland (90.4%)

Bottom Five:

1. France (83.4%)
2. Czech Republic (78.3%)
3. Slovakia (76.4%)
4. Japan (75.9)
5. South Korea (65.3%)

Source: The Times of London

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