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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Japan News This Week 19 July 2015


Japan News.
With Ban on Exports Lifted, Japan Arms Makers Cautiously Market Wares Abroad
New York Times

Protests as Japan paves way for self-defence law change

Japan accused of falsifying whaling data

Mitsubishi Materials to apologize for U.S. forced labor, 70 years later
Japan Times

Should “Gunkanjima” Be a World Heritage site? - The forgotten scars of Korean forced labor
Japan Focus

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On July 15, two nights before Kyoto's Gion Festival, 240,000 revelers turned out for Yoiyoiyama. During Yoiyama - the three nights prior to the festival day (July 14 is Yoiyoiyoiyama, the 15th is Yoiyoiyama, and the 16th is Yoiyama) - the famed movable shrines are put on display in central Kyoto. Vehicle traffic is restricted from 6 - 12 pm, and people pour into the center of town to stroll and drink beer and ogle girls in summer yukata robes.

Source: Kyoto Shinbun

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