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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Etajima to Hiroshima Port Ferry

If you are traveling from Hiroshima to cycle around Etajima or visit the Museum of Naval History on the island chances are you will take the ferry from Hiroshima Port to either Kirikushi Port on the northern tip of Etajima or Koyo Port on the east coast.

The ferry, operated by Seitonaikai Kisen, transports motor vehicles, bicycles and foot passengers on the 20 minute journey.

Koyo to Hiroshima Port Ferry.

High speed boats travel between Hiroshima Port and Koyo Port beginning at 6.21am from Koyo and 6.45am from Hiroshima Port.

The fare is presently 1060 yen or buy a 1 day ferry pass for 3,300 yen enabling visitors to circuit from Hiroshima to Kurahashi and Kure or vice versa.

The last sailings are at 9.53pm from Koyo and 10.25pm from Hiroshima Port.
Tel: 082 254 1701 (Hiroshima); 0823 42 1322 (Koyo)

Slower car ferries from Hiroshima Port to Kirikushi begin at 7.00am with the last boat at 10.25pm. Sailings from Kirikushi begin at 6.20am with the last ferry at 5.45pm.

The one way adult fare is 460 yen with the last two"night" boats costing 930 yen.
Tel: 082 254 1701 (Hiroshima); 0823 43 0102 (Kirikushi)

Koyo to Hiroshima Port Ferry.

Hiroshima Port Ujina Passenger Terminal is a roughly 30 minute tram ride from central Hiroshima. Hiroshima Port Ujina Passenger Terminal has fast and slow ferries to Matsuyama on Shikoku via Kure.

The slower Cruise Ferry (run by Ishizaki Kisen) takes about 2 hours, 40 minutes from Hiroshima to Matsuyama via Kure, while the quicker Super Jet takes just over an hour direct or 1 hour, 20 minutes via Kure. Bicycles can be rented from the ferry company at both Kure and Matsuyama.

There are 22 round ferry trips a day between Hiroshima and Matsuyama. Presently the promotional price for a one way adult fare from April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016 is 3,800 yen on the Super Jet Hiroshima - Matsuyama (normal fare 7,100 yen) and 3,000 yen Kure-Matsuyama (normal fare 5,550 yen). On the slower Cruise Ferry the promotional price for a one way adult fare is 2,000 yen Hiroshima - Matsuyama (normal fare 3,600 yen) and 1,400 yen Kure-Matsuyama (normal fare 2,6700 yen).

Koyo to Hiroshima Port Ferry.

The short journey is comfortable enough with a TV lounge, vending machines and lots of fine views from the large picture windows on the upper deck.

Setonaikaikisen Co., Ltd.
1-12-23, Ujinakaigan, Minami-ku,
Hiroshima City 734-8515
Tel: 082 253 1212

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