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Monday, June 15, 2015

Vietnam Festival 2015 in Tokyo

ベトナム・フェスティバル2015 代々木

The Vietnam Festival 2015 happened in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, this weekend past: June 13 & 14.

Vietnam Festival 2015, Yoyogi, Tokyo.
Vietnamese dress at the Vietnam Festival 2015, Tokyo

Subtitled "Viet Nam - Japan: Hand in Hand," the festival stressed the increasingly cooperative relationship forming between Japan and Vietnam in terms of trade, tourism and personal-level exchanges.

Entrance of Vietnam Festival 2015, Tokyo.
Entrance to the Vietnam Festival 2015, Tokyo
The two major sponsors were Japan's NEC and Vietnam Airlines. Almost 90 booths filled Yoyogi Event Space, just across the road from Yoyogi Park. Most were for food, but there was fine arts, handicrafts, educational institutes, and even a language booth giving free lessons for passersby in the basics of the Vietnamese language.

Brastel Remit money remittance company, Vietnam Festival 2015, Tokyo.
Brastel Remit money remittance company booth, Vietnam Festival 2015, Tokyo.

There were several booths by remittance companies, taking advantage of the increasing trade and exchange between Japan and Vietnam.

Anh Khoa performs at the Vietnam Festival 2015, Tokyo, Japan.
Anh Khoa performing at the Vietnam Festival 2015, Tokyo, Japan.
 The performance stage was a constant kaleidoscope of sound and color as acts from both Japan and Vietnam performed for a crowd of thousands. The biggest act was Vietnam's Anh Khoa, a rock artist the fans came flocking to the moment he appeared on stage.

Back-of-a-van karaoke, Vietnam Festival 2015, Tokyo, Japan.
Karaoke fun in the back of a van, Vietnam Festival 2015, Tokyo, Japan.

The next Vietnam Festival 2015 to take place is in Kurihara, Miyagi prefecture in fall: October 24 & 25.

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