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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Japan News This Week 21 June 2015


Japan News.
The Family Dog
New York Times

Japan: Wartime tram restored for Hiroshima anniversary

Japanese PM's plan to allow troops to fight overseas angers voters

No-foreigners landlord case shows Japan ‘utterly unprepared’ to fight discrimination: expert
Japan Times

Striving for “Normalization” – Korea-Japan Civic Cooperation and the Attempt to Resolve the “Comfort Women” problem
Japan Focus

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According to the June issue of Kami no Bakudan (Paper Bomb), a Japanese monthly magazine, from 1952 - the formal end of the US Occupation - until 2007, there were 201,481 recorded crimes perpetrated by US soldiers, sailors, and marines. (That excludes statistics from Okinawa - where the majority of US bases are located - prior to 1972, when it was a US territory.)

That works out to ten crimes per day, and includes the deaths of 517 Japanese nationals. These are the known, recorded cases that were revealed in 2007 in a session of the Japanese Diet. The statistics are kept - and were presented at the Diet - by the Japanese Ministry of Justice.

However, because of extraterritorial rights enjoyed by US servicemen and women, nearly 100% of those cases were remanded to US military courts. With the tiny exception of the most dramatic and horrific cases that result in large anti-base demonstrations, unrest, and Japanese media attention, the accused are tried in military courts and often let off with a warning, if that. 

Source: Kami no Bakudan

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