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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Hanzomon Station


Hanzomon is the name of a gate to the Imperial Palace, Tokyo, located on the Palace’s western side in the Kojimachi district of Chiyoda ward. The nearby Ichibancho district, just north of Kojimachi, is a much sought-after residential district, and while Kojimachi is more business oriented than residential, Kojimachi too has some stylish shopping and a lot of restaurants.

Exit 4 of Hanzomon Station, south of Shinjuku-dori Avenue.
Exit 4 of Hanzomon Station, south of Shinjuku-dori Avenue, Tokyo.

Hanzomon Station is station number 5 on the 14-station Tokyo Metro Hanzomon subway line, and is located about 200 meters from the western edge of the Imperial Palace. Most of this north-south aligned station is in the Kojimachi district, but the northernmost exit is in neighboring Ichibancho.

Hanzomon Station opened in December 1982.

Taking the Hanzomon line from Hanzomon station will get you as far as Oshiage (the Tokyo Skytree station), eastwards, in 21 minutes, or Shibuya, westwards, in 9 minutes.
Hanzomon mosaic inside Hanzomon Station.
Mosaic inside Hanzomon Station of the nearby Hanzomon Gate of the Imperial Palace, Tokyo.
Some of the main destinations around Hanzomon Station are the British Embassy (Exit 4), Hotel Monterey Hanzomon (Exit 5) , Embassy of South Africa (Exit 3a), Kojimachi Police Station (Exit 3a), Grand Arc Hanzomon Hotel (Exit 1), Building 3 of the Kioicho Campus of Josai University (Exit 1), the National Theatre of Japan (Kokuritsu Gekijo) (Exit 1) and the Supreme Court of Japan (Exit 1).

Exits 1 and 2 are south of Shinjuku-dori Avenue, all the others are north of it. Exits 4 and 5 have elevators to street level. There is an elevator in the center of the platform (B3 level), and an escalator at each end of the platform, to the ticket wicket (B2 level), as well as stairs.

Platform of Hanzomon Station, Kojimachi, Tokyo.
Platform of Hanzomon Station, Kojimachi, Tokyo.

Both toilets, on the B2 level, are wheelchair friendly, and have diaper-changing facilities.

There is an ATM near exits 1 and 2, on the B2 (ticket wicket) level.

According to the latest available figures, approximately 80,000 people alight from trains at Hanzomon Station every day, and about half that number board trains there.

Exit 2 of Hanzomon Station, Kojimachi, in the evening.
Exit 2 of Hanzomon Station, Kojimachi, by night.

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