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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Japan News This Week 10 May 2015


Japan News.
Traditional Geishas Entertain Western Guests
New York Times

Japan's renewable revolution at risk

Charlotte the Japanese monkey to keep her name despite right royal row

Seoul accused of politicizing Japan’s latest UNESCO heritage bid
Japan Times

Sawaki Kōdō, Zen and Wartime Japan: Final Pieces of the Puzzle 沢木興道、禅宗、そして戦時下日本 パズルの最後のピース
Japan Focus

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2014 Global Equity Rankings:

1 Iceland
2 Finland
3 Norway
4 Sweden
5 Denmark
6 Nicaragua
7 Rwanda
8 Ireland
9 Philippines
10 Belgium
11 Switzerland
12 Germany
13 New Zealand
14 Netherlands
15 Latvia
16 France
17 Burundi
18 South Africa
19 Canada
20 United States

26 United Kingdom

87 China

104 Japan

117 South Korea

Source: World Economic Forum

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