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Friday, April 10, 2015

Visiting Nara in the Rain

Does everybody go to Nara? I think so. The UNESCO World Heritage Site, comprised of eight temples, shrines, and ruins, is a historical treasure. Do visit!

Visiting Nara in the Rain.

Now that I've said that... let's talk about when it RAINS. As a tourist, you may have a prescribed itinerary and if the day brings rain, a person just has to make the best of it, come what may. I think that's a good attitude. Rain does discourage some visitors and the crowds may be a bit smaller; however, since the historic buildings are a distance from each other, you will be spending a great deal of your time out in the steady downpour protected only be your new pal Mr. Umbrella. Keeping dry can be a challenge, especially in the matter of feet. So be advised, and be prepared. Also it can be cold, so don't forget that.

Visiting Nara in the Rain.

My daughter has been to Nara twice, once on a sunny day and the other time (when I was there) on a rainy morning. Southern California receives sparse rainfall, and we inevitably have to search the closets for an umbrella when the skies do open up.

At Nara we had umbrellas we purchased in Japan - those 300 yen clear plastic ones - and they were sufficient. It was bit chilly, but nothing was as terrible as having our sneakers completely soaked through. Might I say "Aaarrgh." We managed to see the great Todaiji Temple and witnessed those ubiquitous deer - and saw the warning signs regarding all the possible deer behaviors one could encounter.

Todaiji Temple, Nara, Japan.

After our visit, which ended up being shorter than planned (read: I need to go back to Nara someday to see everything) we climbed onto the bus and took it somewhere, I don't know, I never know, and ended up at a Vie de France cafe for hot coffee and a sweet roll. Back at the hotel, I spent a very long time using the hair dryer on four soggy sneakers.

Vie de France cafe for hot coffee and a sweet roll.

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