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Monday, March 23, 2015

Former Sasuke Toyoda Residence


The Former Sasuke Toyoda Residence is one of the historical attractions on Nagoya's "Cultural Path" which runs from Nagoya Castle east to Tokugawa Art Gallery and Tokugawa-en.

Former Sasuke Toyoda Residence, Nagoya.

Sasuke Toyoda was the younger brother of the more famous Sakichi, the founder of the company that was to become Toyota Corp - the largest automobile manufacturer in the world.

Former Sasuke Toyoda Residence, Nagoya.

The house, built in 1923 is a mix of western and Japanese styles including Japanese tatami-style rooms, and western stained glass and furniture, as was common for the properties of the Japanese elite at this period. Look out for the "Toyota" motif in some of the western style light and ventilation fittings. The garden is spacious and again a mix of Japanese and European styles.

Former Sasuke Toyoda Residence, Nagoya, Aichi.

Both Sasuke's brothers Sakichi and Risaburo had houses in this area but Sasuke's former residence is the only one left intact, though the gate of Risaburo's house still remains, a little to the north.

Other places to see along the Cultural Path include Nagoya City Hall, the Hori Art Museum, Nagoya City Archives, the Aichi Prefectural Building, the Chikaramachi Catholic Church, the Shumokukan, home of Tamesaburo Imoto, the Futaba Museum, Kenchuji Temple, the residence of Tetsujiro Haruta and the Nagoya Ceramics Hall.

Former Sasuke Toyoda Residence, Nagoya, Aichi.

The Cultural path runs through a prosperous, residential district home to the rich and powerful of Meiji and Taisho-era Nagoya and includes the houses of artists, merchants, bankers and writers.

Former Sasuke Toyoda Residence
8 Chikara-machi 3-chome
Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
Tel: 052-972-2732
Hours: 10am-3.30pm; closed Mondays and Fridays
Admission: Free


The Former Sasuke Toyoda Residence is a 15-minute walk east from Shiyakusho Subway Station on the Meijo Line of the Nagoya subway or five minutes from the Shimizuguchi and Shirakabe bus stops.

Former Sasuke Toyoda Residence, Nagoya, Aichi.

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