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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Japan News This Week 8 February 2015


Japan News.
Hostage’s Apparent Beheading by ISIS Stirs Outrage in Japan
New York Times

McDonald's Japan forecasts 2014 loss, first in 11 yrs, as food scare hits sales

Piketty Diagnoses Japan's Sick Economy

Japan pop star in coma after inhaling helium for TV stunt

Japan in new Olympic row over choice of band for 2020 ceremony

Robotic probe set to examine inside of melted Fukushima reactor
Japan Times

Sink the Asahi! The ‘Comfort Women’ Controversy and the Neo-nationalist Attack
Japan Focus

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A fact of life well known among foreigners resident in Japan, sexlessness in the Land of the Rising Sun is now at long last getting mainstream media attention. This is mainly a government/media attempt at persuading the nation to fornicate - and, fingers crossed - produce babies.

According to the Asahi Shinbun, a survey by the Japan Family Planning association revealed just how sexless Japan is. The poll was taken in September of last year and showed that 44.6% of 16 - 49 year olds had not had sex in the previous month, which is the definition of "sexless": having sex once or less per month.

That is a three percent increase over the previous year's survey, and almost thirteen percentage points higher than the same survey conducted ten years ago in 2004.

When asked why they are not having sex, the number one reply for men was: "too tired because of work." For women, the top reply was "(having sex is too) bothersome."

Source: Asahi Shinbun

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