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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

How To Make A Japanese Futon


Good quality Japanese futon are still made by hand in Japan. Working on a tatami floor the workers use a set procedure to fit the cotton padding within the cotton cover. The whole process resembles a well-choreographed dance, which is done at top speed. It takes two to tango a futon.

How To Make A Japanese Futon.

If the cotton is too big the workers use their hands to tear it to the right size. The cotton padding is folded over at the ends and sides and then the central part is added.

How To Make A Japanese Futon.

The cotton padding is then expertly flipped into the lining cover. More folds and spreads ease the cotton to be a perfect fit inside the lining.

How To Make A Japanese Futon.

Both the upper and bottom futons are made in this way.

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How To Make A Japanese Futon.

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