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Friday, January 23, 2015

Yamamoto Yuriko Exhibition Into Your Whirlpool Kyoto


Yamamoto Yuriko's installation "Into your Whirlpool" goes on display today and runs until February 6.

Yamamoto Yuriko Exhibition Into your Whirlpool Kyoto.

The sound, mist and light work by an experiment-based installation artist Yamamoto takes the audience to meet with and experience the phenomenon of the imagery. The artist is trying to re-think the relationship between the world of existence and consciousness.

Yamamoto Yuriko Exhibition Into your Whirlpool Kyoto.

Gallery G-77
73-3 Nakano-cho
Kyoto 604-0086
facebook: GalleryG77

Gallery G-77 is close to both Nijo Castle and the Imperial Palace just of Marutamachi in the west of Kyoto. The intimate space in a converted machiya is owned and directed by Andrei Mikhilov.

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