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Sunday, January 04, 2015

Japan News This Week 4 January 2015


Japan News.
To Rescue Economy, Japan Turns to Supermom
New York Times

Concern as Japan's 2014 birth rate falls to record low

Christmas in Japan: time for a geisha makeover in Kyoto

Government may start working on 70th WWII anniversary statement from March
Japan Times

The Japanese State’s New Assault on the Victims of Wartime Sexual Slavery
Japan Focus

Last Week's Japan News on the JapanVisitor blog


Because of the weaker yen, prices for commodities are set to rise in 2015.

January: Cooking oil (at least 8%), Pasta (4% - 9%), Stationery (1.5% - 23.5%), Instant Noodles (3% - 8%), Toilet Paper (at least 10%)
February: Frozen Foods (3% - 15%), Curry (8% - 10%)
March: Ice Cream (10%), Tea Leaves (5% - 10%)
April: Whiskey (19.6% - 25%)

And a happy new year to you, too, Prime Minister Abe!

Source: Yomiuri Shinbun

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