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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Japan News This Week 11 January 2015


Japan News.
National Pride at a Steep Price
New York Times

Japan: Should Comics be Crimes?

In ageing Japanese village, dolls take place of dwindling population

Former Asahi reporter files libel suit over ‘comfort women’ issue
Japan Times

Labeled the reporter who “fabricated” the comfort woman issue: A Rebuttal
Japan Focus

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Charitable giving as a percentage of population by country in 2013:

1. Myanmar: 91%
2. Malta: 78%
3. Thailand: 77%
4. Ireland/United Kingdom: 74%
6. Canada: 71%
8. Iceland/Holland: 70%
9. USA: 68%
10. Australia/Indonesia: 66%

62. Japan: 24%

Source: Charities Aid Foundation

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