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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tachikawa Station

Tachikawa Station on the JR Chuo line is about 40 km west of Tokyo Station. It is a major station at the center of a modern, bustling commercial district, and one with a history to match its size. As of last year, Tachikawa Station saw daily use by over 160,000 commuters, putting it in the top 20 busiest stations run by JR East.

Tachikawa Station, Tokyo, Japan.

Tachikawa Station established way back in 1889, only 17 years after the introduction of railway to Japan in 1872.

Tachikawa Station provides access to four railway lines: the JR Chuo Line, with which it is most closely associated; the Ome Line, which starts at Tachikawa Station and goes as far as Okutama Station; the Nanbu Line which also starts at Tachikawa Station and goes to Kawasaki; and the Tama Toshi Monorail Line which runs between Higashiyamato and Tama, via Tachikawa.

Arch at North Exit of Tachikawa Station, Tachikawa, Japan.
Arch at North Exit of Tachikawa Station

Tachikawa Station has eight platforms and four ticket wickets: South, East, West and Granduo (Granduo being the shopping plaza adjoining the station, owned by JR East). The South and West exits were added just within the past 6 or 7 years as part of a general rejuvenation of the station complex.

The Lumine Department Store occupies the upper floors of the station building, and the north exit of the station (being an exit as opposed to a ticket wicket), features a massive intersecting decorative archway in tubular steel over the pedestrian deck.

Tama Toshi Monorail Line from Tachikawa Station.
Tama Toshi Monorail departing Tachikawa Station

Tachikawa Station is the stop off point for visits to nearby Showa Kinen Park, one of the greater Tokyo area's biggest and most beautiful parks.

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