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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Maki Shoten Foreign Foods Store

Maki Shoten foreign food store in the Mototanaka district of north east Kyoto near Hyakumanben and Kyoto University is a long-standing institution in the city.

Maki Shoten Foreign Foods Store, Kyoto.

Maki Shoten was going strong in 1987 when I first encountered it. I became a regular customer buying imported cheese, dried coconut, muesli, wholemeal bread (sadly no longer on sale) and a copy of the Kansai Time Out (also sadly no longer with us).

Maki has long been serving Kyoto's foreign community with all sorts of goodies from home including turkeys for Christmas and Thanksgiving, a great array of imported spices plus cereals, teas and pasta sauces.

Maki Shoten, Kyoto, Kansai.

Now having to compete with more and more foreign foods stores in Kyoto such as Seijo Ishii at Kyoto Station and Jupiter in the Porta underground mall, just in front of Kyoto Station, Maki's may not be as busy as it once was.

Other, newer foreign foods stores in Kyoto include the Yamaya stores in Qanat shopping mall and Karasuma Oike. Meidi-ya on Sanjo, east of Kawaramachi near the Kamo River has been around for years, selling imported foods at higher prices as reflects its central location.

Maki Shoten, Kyoto.

Maki Shoten
63 Tanaka Sato-no-uchi-cho
Kyoto, 606-8212
Tel: 075 781 3670

Hours: 10am-8pm daily except Wednesday

To get to Maki's take the Eiden Line one stop to Mototanaka from Demachiyanagi Station or bus #204.

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