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Friday, October 17, 2014

Tenmonkan Kagoshima


Tenmonkan in Kagoshima is one of the city's main shopping, entertainment and accommodation districts.

Tenmonkan Kagoshima

Long shotengai covered arcades such as Tenmonkan Hon-dori (Main Street) Arcade and the Tenmonkan G3 Arcade (Sennichi-dori) stretch out from both sides of the main road through the area where the Kagoshima tram runs.

The glass roofed arcades offer shelter from the elements during winter and summer as well as the ash from Sakurajima.

Tenmonkan shotengai arcade Kagoshima Kyushu Japan

The arcades are home to a variety of shops, bakeries, restaurants, cafes and izakaya - Japanese style pubs.

Look out for the delicious anko - azuki bean paste - sweets on sale. From Kagoshima Chuo Station take the street car to the Tenmonkan stop.

Tenmonkan Kagoshima Kyushu Japan

One of the many hotels in the Tenmonkan area is the recommended Richmond Hotel Kagoshima Tenmonkan.

Other places to stay in Tenmonkan, Kagoshima include the Cent Inn Nibankan, the 2-star, budget Hotel New Nishino, the 3-star Sun Days Inn Kagoshima, the Toyoko Inn Kagoshima Tenmonkan No.2, the Kagoshima Plaza Hotel Tenmonkan, the Chisun Inn Kagoshima, the one-star Business Hotel Tenmonkan and the Remm Kagoshima.

Tenmonkan Kagoshima Kyushu Japan

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