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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Japan News This Week 5 October 2014


Japan News.
Hirohito: String Puller, Not Puppet
New York Times

Japan volcano: 16 still missing after Mount Ontake eruption

Dōjin nation: does 'indie' gaming really exist in Japan?

Hague treaty returns two children to Japan
Japan Times

In Japan, Will Hafu Ever Be Considered Whole?
The Diplomat

Literature and The Trauma of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Japan Focus

Dalai Lama visa issue sinks Nobel laureates' summit. Where can he travel? (+video)
Christian Science Monitor

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2014 Energy Efficiency Scorecard:

1. Germany
2. Italy
3. EU
4. China
4. France
6. UK
6. Japan
8. Spain
9. Canada
10. Australia
11. India
12. South Korea
13. USA

Source: American Council for Energy Efficient Economy

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