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Friday, September 26, 2014

Asuwa Shrine


Asuwa Shrine on Asuwayama (Mt. Asuwa) in Fukui is said to be 1500 years old. Asuwa enshrines the mythical 6th century Emperor Keitai, who was supposedly born in Fukui.

Asuwa Shrine, Fukui

Asuwa Shrine is mentioned in both the Nihonshoki and Kojiki chronicles and is known for its ancient weeping cherry tree said to be at least 370 years old. During the cherry blossom season the tree is illuminated at night.

The actual buildings, however, date from 1959, as the shrine has been destroyed several times over its history by fire, war and earthquake.

Asuwa Shrine 370 year old cherry tree, Fukui

Asuwa Shrine attractions supplicants to pray for safe child-birth and success in examinations and business.

To get to the shrine from Fukui Station the quickest way is to walk over Sakurabashi and ascend the Atagozaka steps - 145 Shakudani stone steps - to the shrine. Alternatively take a tram to Koen-guchi Station or take the West Route Smile Bus to the Atagozaka stop.

Asuwa Shrine (in Japanese & English)
1-8-25 Asuwa Uemachi 108
Fukui 918-8007
Tel: 0776 36 0287

Asuwa Shrine

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