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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Obama-so Ryokan


There are numerous towns called Obama around Japan, the most famous one due to its campaign to link itself to the president of the USA is the one in Fukui Prefecture. The Obama in Nagasaki is a hot spring resort on Tachibana Bay, nestled under the volcanic peaks of Mount Unzen.

Obama-so Ryokan

The hot springs here were recorded in the oldest extant records in Japan from the eighth century, and it is claimed to have the hottest hot spring in Japan with a temperature of 105 degrees. It is also home to the longest ashiyu, public foot bath, in all Japan with a total length of 105 meters that also includes a foot bath for dogs.

Like any hot spring resort there are numerous hotels and luxury ryokan, but as usual I looked for the least expensive option and found Obamaso. Located just off the main coast road, Obamaso is an older, traditional ryokan.

Obama-so Ryokan

There are various size tatami rooms available, some with en-suite toilet, but I opted for the lowest price, no meals, shared toilet, and only 3,200 yen. It was off season, and I was the only guest, which made the place feel a little cavernous, however it also meant I got to enjoy the excellent rotenburo, outdoor bath, all to myself.

Recently refurbished, the rotenburo was one of the nicest I have ever used.

Obama-so Ryokan

Obama-so Minami-Honmachi 7
Nagasaki 854-0513
Tel: 0957 742056

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