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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Business Hotel Chidori Shimabara


Shimabara in southern Nagasaki is home to a nice reconstructed castle, Shimabara Castle, a preserved samurai district, and is towered over by the volcano Mount Unzen which erupted in 1991 with the lava flow causing death and destruction. There is an interesting museum to the event and nearby are a series of houses buried under ash and debris.

Business Hotel Chidori Shimabara Kyushu

There are a few hotels and ryokan in the area, and in searching for the least expensive I came up with Business Hotel Chidori. It's not a very new building, but the rooms were fine with all the usual amenities, including internet access in the rooms. I had a western style room but Japanese style tatami rooms are also available.

Business Hotel Chidori Shimabara Kyushu

A single room was just 3,500 yen, and an extra 500 yen gets a substantial breakfast. The hotel is located just a 1 minute walk from Shimatetsuhonshamae Station on the Shimabara Line, which runs from Shimabaragaiko, the port where ferries from Kumamoto arrive and depart, and Isahaya on the Nagasaki main line.

Shimabara sunset Kyushu.

Business Hotel Chidori, Shimabara
2-7393-4 Bentenmachi, Shimabara
Nagasaki 855 0802
Tel: 0957 62 4845
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