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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Japan News This Week 20 July 2014


Japan News.
Japanese Foreign Minister Speaks Out Against Chinese Newspaper Graphic
New York Times

Although they live freely in Japan, these Koreans still support Kim Jong Un
Global Post

Japan 'vagina artist' arrest sparks debate

Doubts over ice wall to keep Fukushima safe from damaged nuclear reactors

Foreign residents can’t claim welfare benefits: Supreme Court
Japan Times

Japan’s New Defense Posture
The Diplomat

Remembering Biowarfare Unit 731 Through Musical Activism: A Performance of the Choral Work The Devil’s Gluttony 音楽活動をとうして生物兵器731部隊を思い浮かべる 合唱組曲「悪魔の飽食」のコンサート Japan Focus

Japan’s Break With Peace New York Times

Last Week's Japan News on the JapanVisitor blog


Crime Levels, by country (#1 is highest level of crime), 2014

1 Maldives 100
2 Venezuela 97.03
3 Afghanistan 96.43
4 Kenya 91.25
5 Trinidad and Tobago 91.18
6 South Africa 86.27
7 Guatemala 84.09
8 Nigeria 82.35
9 Puerto Rico 81.9
10 Honduras 81.67

45 United States 55.84

64 United Kingdom 48

127 South Korea 13.89
128 Taiwan 13.57
129 Japan 12.8
130 Singapore 12.72
131 Isle of Man 5
132 Malta 4.17

Source: Nation Master

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