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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Nex Plaza Nagoya Expressway


The Nex Plaza Nagoya Expressway is a free museum dedicated to expressways (kosokudoro) in Nagoya and a favorite of parents with car-obsessed kids at the weekend. There are lots of hands-on and interactive exhibits and fun quizzes.

Nex Plaza Nagoya Expressway

Children can drive Nagoya's expressways in a a simulator in a converted Mini as well as plan their own route to drive on another machine.

There are models of cars and information on how expressways and highway tunnels are built in ways to keep inconvenience to the public to a minimum.

Nex Plaza Nagoya Expressway Aichi

Nex Plaza
Shimizu 4- 17-30
Nagoya Highway Corporation Kurokawa Building
Tel: 052 919 3241


Nex Plaza is open 10am-5pm Tuesday to Sunday. It is located in the Nagoya Highway Corporation HQ below an expressway very close to Kurokawa Station on the Meijo Line of the Nagoya subway.

Nex Plaza Nagoya Expressway Aichi Japan

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