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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Japan News This Week 13 April 2014


Japan News.
In a Test of Wills With China, U.S. Sticks Up for Japan New York Times

Japan’s biggest pop star right now is a fetishized hologram
Global Post

Play on Japan's Singaporean legacy

Massive scale of Toyota recall down to increase in common car parts

Activists sue over Abe’s ‘unconstitutional’ Yasukuni visit
Japan Times

Japan’s Energy Policy Impasse 日本のエネルギー政策、行き詰まる Japan Focus

Japan’s Foreign Minister Says Apologies to Wartime Victims Will Be Upheld New York Times

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Ranking of country according to different environmental indices:

1. Switzerland
2. Luxembourg
3. Australia
4. Singapore
5. Czech Republic
6. Germany
7. Spain
8. Austria
9. Sweden
10. Norway

12. UK

26. Japan

33. USA

43. South Korea

118. China


Environmental Performance Index

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